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Mako Cotton Solid is a high-quality thread that is perfect for any sewing project. The smooth finish and vibrant colors make it an ideal choice for quilting, piecing, appliqué, and embroidery.   The Black color of this 50wt thread is perfect for outlining, topstitching, and creating beautiful details. With 1442yds, you have plenty of thread for your projects.   Aurifil Mako Cotton Solid is a strong and long-lasting thread that has been tested for quality and performance. It is also resistant to wear and fading, so your projects will look beautiful for years to come.   Get your hands on this high-quality thread today and take your crafting to the next level

Aurifil Thread | Mako Cotton Solid | 50wt - 1442yds | Black - 2692

SKU: MK 2692
Out of Stock

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